5k Road Race

The Annual Michael Dunleavy 5K Walk & Road Race was retired with the final Walk & Run held on April 1, 2012 after 10 wonderful years. All of us at the Michael Dunleavy Foundation wish to thank all of the participants, staff, organizers and volunteers for their tireless devotion to this worthy cause. Together we are making a difference in the fight against Childhood Brain Cancer. While the Walk/Race is no longer with us the Foundation continues to raise Funds in a number of other ways and we hope you will join us once again at these events. Please check our Newsworthy Notes page for up coming events and details.

The 10th Annual Michael Dunleavy 5K Walk & Road Race to benefit childhood Cancer Researchheld on April 1, 2012 was a great success. While warm sun was tempered by the cool breezes and the partly cloudy sky is was a perfect day. Hundreds of runners and walkers set off on their annual journey to help raise money to fight Childhood Brain Tumors and promote cancer research.

Gerry Dunleavy and his family thank everyone for their continued support both here in Winchester and for our Sister Foundation in Doolin, Ireland. His message this year was on the progress that has been made which was echoed by Doctors Weinstein and Ebbs from Mass General Hospital.

Once again Michael Rauseo and his crew from Gloria's Pizza have helped fill our bellies and kept us warm hundreds of slices of tasty Pizza. Note the mound of empty boxes that grows with every slice give out. This year Michael's helpers are rumored to be family members ( a daughter and a niece ) who acted like seasoned professionals. Their motto... see an open hand, put a slice of Gloria's pizza in it! Our sincere thanks go out to Michael, his family and all of the wonderful people at Gloria's Pizza for all they have done over the years for the Michael Dunleavy Foundation.